God has a set time for your opportunity. There is a set time for that problem to turn around, a set time for your healing, your promotion, your breakthrough. It may be tomorrow, or next week, or five years from now. But when you understand the time has already been set, it takes all the pressure off. You won’t live worried, wondering when this is ever going to happen. You’ll relax and enjoy your life knowing that the promise has already been scheduled and your answer is on the way!

Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

When mamas used to comb our hair with all their strenght
all nipples will be appreciated


I have seen nipples in every size and shape you can think of and none of that shit kept me from putting each and everyone of em in my mouth 




Hi Cesare Borgia… Don’t know who that is? Google him, and then google his deception.  Religion is deeper than what it seems.

Well people from Jerusalem are light skinned and have colored eyes

Lol one word.. Colonialism ..The same reason why ancient Egyptians were dark as night before the Arab invasion, hence why Egyptians are lighter now.
Lol, we have google, unlimited information is at our fingertips. There’s no excuse..
Motto to get off Tumblr.



"I’ll stop scrolling when the pictures stop loading."

*drinks tea*

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